Office Partitioning

Integrating office partitioning in to your office can create dedicated workspaces, privacy, soundproofing and style. It is a cost-effective method to essentially creating different sectioned workspaces within an office. In most cases, the office partitioning is also quick to install, causing minimal disruption to your office environment. Partitioning can also be used in other building environments, optimizing space usage in many rooms within commercial buildings.

Experts For Office Partitioning

With Over 20 years experience, we don’t just help companies design their office space, we are also an office partition installer who will get the most from the space available. No matter the shape of your workspace, we have a solution to help you better utilise the available space. While office partitioning is one of the space solutions offered, it also often works well in conjunction with mezzanine floors and suspended ceilings. This can help to create the look you would like to achieve, while better utilising the vertical space available. Whether you require private office spaces, an open work area with the option for privacy, or a large atrium style area with seating, office partitions can help you achieve the new workspace your company needs to flourish. As a partition company we’re also experts on building regulations, and experienced planners and installers for all forms of room partitioning too.

Why Choose Office Partitioning?

Additional private rooms, storage spaces and large meeting rooms can easily be created with minimal interuption to your business. Bespoke designs can give your company workspace the look and feel you prefer, from a large number of private offices, to large modern open workspaces. The partitions themselves can also be very unique – walls can offer complete privacy, or they can have a very modern, full glass finish for the open office look, with privacy when needed by utilising blinds. When it comes to office growth, a re-design can really help to improve work efficiency while creating a work space your employees can be happy to work in.

As well as creating new workspaces within the offce and modernising the areas look and feel, there are also some unseen benefits of adding office partitions. If you work in a noisy business and need some peace and quiet while you’re at your desk, the partition walls offer a sound reduction of up to 50db Rw. From a safety perspecive, office partitions can also offer a further 30-60 minutes fire resistance.

Office Partitioning For Meeting Rooms

image of and office meeting room with office partitioning

Utilise office partitioning to create the perfect space for a meeting room. Achieve a bright workspace with clear glass walls, then add blinds or frosted glass to get the required privacy levels. Opaque partitions can give you high privacy all of the time and also help with sound reduction too. It’s not only the partition material and style, we can also assist with office flooring, suspended ceiling and office furniture.

Steel Office Partitioning

Office partitioning can also be manufactured from steel, providing a unique, functional and versatile look for factories, warehouses and industrial units. Constructed to a high standard, the features of the steel partitioning structures include:

  • Double skin partitions
  • Single skin partitions
  • Complete with a powder coated finish
  • Demountable
  • Re-locatable

Framed And Frameless Glass Office Partitioning

framed glass office partitioning

Every office can achieve a spacious look by using glass office partitioning. Not only will it give your office a modern look, but it also allows light to travel to every corner of the office. Resilient, toughened safety glass can be installed, with double glazed finishes should you want the extra sound reduction. Framed glass partitioning also achieves the modern, light and spacious look of glass office partitioning, but on a smaller budget. Offering all the benefits of frameless, plus prices are affordable for a wider range of budgets. From 50/50 composite single glazed partitions, to full height double glazed glass – get an office space with a spacious appearance with glass wall partitioning.

Office Partitioning On A Mezzanine Floor

partitioned mezzanine

Not getting the most from your buildings height? A mezzanine floor with partitioned office space on it can efficiently give your company the most space to grow. When combined with a suspended ceiling, any excess height can be finished off to give a beautiful modern finish. If you’re unsure if you can benefit from offices on a mezzanine, contact our support team on 01952 273888.