Storage and shelving solutions

Shelving is a cost effective storage solution for businesses and individuals alike who are looking to store large quantities of goods, yet still retain easy access to them.

At SSP we have designed a shelving unit that is fast to assemble, robust, cost effective, and most importantly, ideal for almost any working environment. We’re always happy to display how resilient our shelving units are, you will be surprised by how rigid they are for the price

How can our shelving help your business

Whether you are a growing business or an individual looking to consolidate lots of cluttered items in to one place, a bay of shelving gives you one place to store a large number of items. They are ideal for storing large quantities of paperwork, folders and storage boxes in an office environment, and also great for storing tools and containers in garages and sheds.

If you are low on floor space but have aren’t utilising the height of your office, garage or shed as effectively as you could be, then a bay of shelving could give you a much needed boost to storage capacity and really help you better store those items that are cluttering your desks and worktops.

Our Mammoth shelving units come with 5 shelves, allowing you to store 5 times as much in the same area by putting a shelving unit in to an empty floor space.

Bay shelving fittings

If your work area is low on accessible floor space then Bay shelving may provide the answer for you.

With these fittings, we can utilize the height of your workspace to incorporate storage solutions without taking up any of your valuable floor room.

The benefits:

  • Consolidate your assets into one dedicated space
  • Give back space to your working operations
  • De-clutter your desks and worktops
  • Sturdy boltless designs
  • Fast on-site installation

Long span shelving

Long span shelving solutions are ideal for all storage purposes due to having no size limits. Created by long and wide shelves, the units are the fastest way to build a rigid, touch high-capacity storage option. 

The build and modular design is simple yet effective and uninterrupted span goes up to 2700mm; ideal for storing large and bulky items including boxes, tubes or cabling. All shelves are easily adjusted and are compliant with European guidelines.

Heavy duty shelving

If it’s heavy duty warehouse shelving you’re after look no further. SSP’s longspan shelving bays have a UDL weight capacity per shelf ranging from 240kg, to upwards of 380kg. Tested and trusted in warehouses across the UK, we’ve installed shelving for big companies such as makita, epsom, ricoh and JCB to name a few. If you’re interested in joining them and using our shelving systems in your warehouses, call us today!


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