Having been in the industry for more than 25 years, we really know our stuff when it comes to best practice. We get asked a lot about best practices and guidelines to follow when it comes to pallet racking, shelving and storage solutions so we put together this short guide to give you some pointers in the right direction.

Worryingly, a recent statistic states:

“It’s been estimated that there’s a racking collapse every week in the UK, fortunately most collapses don’t cause serious injury or fatality but prosecution under corporate manslaughter legislation remains a distinct possibility.”

We are on a mission to make sure our customers never have this problem – because not only is it dangerous but it is costly, time consuming and something that hinders business growth. So here are our top tips:

  1. Training is important – it may seem unnecessary but understanding how the pallet racking, shelving and storage solutions fit together and work. This is important for safety but also useful for the maximization of space solutions within growing business.
  2. Maintenance – make sure that all racking, shelving and storage is in good condition and replace any faulty elements as soon as possible; it only takes one weak link to make the whole system unstable. We recommend inspections every 6 months to keep on top of damage, corrosion, incorrect weight storage or faulty installation.
  3. Signage – using the correct signage goes a long way to prevent accidents as well as preventing damage to the racking or shelving installed so that it lasts longer.
  4. Understand limitations – one of the most important tips we have is to understand the limitations of the systems you are using. This includes weight restrictions as well as the formation of the systems you are using.
  5. Plan ahead – planning the space solutions you require before ordering any pallet racking, shelving or storage solutions will mean that what you have will work best for your business and the storage you need. Making existing solutions bend and fit into the formation or space you have may cause problems in terms of optimising your space as well as reducing the robustness of the systems used.

If you have any questions about the best solutions for you, we are always on hand to answer your questions. We offer bespoke solutions and expert advice so that you maximize your space as well as your budget.