Mezzanine floors are intermediate floors between two main floors or the main floor and ceiling / roof. There are many shapes, styles and designs that a mezzanine floor can take on and this includes balcony style designs or freestanding mezzanine floors. The range of solutions is suitable for retail, offices, storage and production.

For growing businesses, the mezzanine floor is an ideal solution to provide more space. In fact this can even double your operating space. This is because the floor will take its lead from the existing building’s footprint

With ergonomic design, the implementation of a mezzanine floor could make the operational space more efficient, with storage space utilised in non-usable areas. Subsequently, many businesses see a positive impact on productivity and the bottom line as a result of carefully planning mezzanine floors.

In order to make use of a mezzanine floor in your facility, you generally need a minimum of 5000mm headroom to comply with building regulations. The cost of a mezzanine floor can range from £75 a square metre, which can be representative of up to 80% cheaper than moving to a new facility (not to mention the intangible factors such as loss of customer good will if orders are delayed in the process).

All mezzanine floors must conform to building regulations to ensure that your workspace is both safe and robust for purpose. Having said that, it is unlikely that mezzanine floors will need to have planning permission to be installed.

In summary, the mezzanine floor is a cost effective way of increasing space by making use of vertical unused space. It is cost effective and the perfect solution for growing businesses that would otherwise need to relocate or stop growing.

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