n recent years, the working environment has changed rapidly from working in offices to working in communal areas with large open spaces. Although this has a lot of benefits, there are also many reasons why this isn’t always the best option.

For instance, not everybody can work in a large space that is constantly noisy, overlooked and impersonal. This may hinder productivity and even lead to people leaving as their job satisfaction declines in the environment; both of which cost money for the business.

In addition, there are always situations where open plan is less than ideal; Meetings, difficult conversations or even just confidentiality issues.

Using open plan office space can also impede the space usage for growing businesses. This set up often leads to misused, underused and wasted space. As businesses grow, making decisions about whether to move offices for more space can be costly and on the whole, unnecessary. Across the country this is becoming a more prevalent challenge because of the economy boom and businesses growing at very rapid rates.

Rest assured, there is a solution; Office Partitioning.

Renowned for creating space by using space better, office partitioning goes above and beyond that function as a benefit, albeit a pretty convincing benefit for all growing businesses.

Office partitioning can be used to create spaces that are personalised, secure, safe, confidential, sound proof and create an impression that matches the brand. They are also massively cost effective because they are temporary structures that do not require lengthy planning permissions, they often eliminate the need to move office and they are transferrable if office relocation is undertaken in the future.

In addition, the range of aesthetics is vast. Office partitioning can be glazed, half glazed, solid, timber, many different colours, styles textures, the list is endless and allows for perfect brand representation and bespoke environment creation.

It is important to also understand the cost benefits associated with office partitioning too. Not only is it cost effective relative to moving to a larger office or having more permanent restructuring works undertaken, but it also increases productivity. A recent article (https://www.sspltd.net/office-partitioning-increasing-workplace-productivity/) we published highlights that employee performance can be increased by 86% and more satisfied in their role. Imagine the impact this could have on your business’s bottom line.

Ultimately, office partitioning is used to create an ideal office environment, bespoke to the needs of the business. It is cost effective and leads to higher productivity and accelerates growth through maximising space at minimum cost.

Is your business growing? Talk to us about how you can maximise your office space today.

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