When your business is growing, there comes a point where you need to maximise the space you work in. There are many ways to do this and relocation is often a last resort as it is costly in many ways.

Partitioning is a great way of rearranging space for growing businesses, as well as creating a stylish working environment to create the right perceptions for your brand and organisation. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and this applies to your office environment too. In addition, partitioning and the creation of great working environments have a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction – have a look at our previous blog for more information about this.

Very often the suspended ceiling element of the partitioning process is almost an afterthought because the main benefit is derived from a functional and logistical desire to create more space or use space more effectively. Whilst this is a huge benefit, the creation of an environment that communicates what your business is all about and inspires employees to be more productive in a working day is all linked to the overall look and feel of the environment. This is where the ceilings come in – consider these to be the icing on the cake.

Now you are aware of the humble ceiling, you will start to notice the difference it can make to a working environment.

There are also many other benefits to creating space using ceilings and partitions. Here are a few:

Flexibility – the space is flexible and can be customized for specific business requirements, routines and ways of working

Future Proofing – providing business with the space to maximise space and to grow will future proof the business for the long term

Re-locatable – as partitioning and ceilings are not part of the actual building, if you move to different premises, you will be able to take the partitioning system too

Requirement Specific – the partitioning system you have can be designed to suit any budget as well as any design style that is appropriate for the space, the business, whatever it is that is determining the look and feel of the system. In addition, the partitioning system can be created for the way in which it will be used, for example a clean room or one with acoustic limitations to limit noise or even as the humble office.

At SSP, we pride ourselves on offering excellent advisory meetings so you fully understand the choices available to your business and which ones will work best too. If you would like to find out more about ceilings and partitioning, contact us and we would be happy to walk you through the process to get the right space solution for your business.