A mezzanine floor is a raised platform, typically independent of a building structure and supported by columns sitting on the existing floor panel, racking structures or other adequate foundations. It is not considered as an additional building level.

The mezzanine floor is a great solution for expanding the existing warehouse space in a cost-effective way. The mezzanine can be used as additional storing or office space or production space. It can be customised and improved using partitioning and suspended ceilings,  storage and racking, and more.

The mezzanine floor is part of the building just like any other, and it should be treated as such. In addition, businesses can add as many mezzanine floors as required as long as you have the required head room to operate and access meets regulations.

A mezzanine floor is a great way  to expand your space in growing businesses without incurring the cost and disruption of moving to new premises. They are used extensively in warehouses, offices and retail space. But really they are very adaptable and can be integrated into many  buildings, old and new, and many designs, modern or traditional.

The question is do you need planning permission to install mezzanine?

The answer is no!

Since most mezzanine floors are constructed to be mobile you will not require planning permission. But no matter how large the mezzanine floor, you will need to obtain Building Regulations approval.

Mezzanine floors have to be compliant to the following statutory requirements:

  • Building Regulations 2000 ( England and Wales applicable )
  • Structure: Approved Document A.
  • Fire Safety: Approved Document B.
  • Stairs, ramps and guards: Approved Document K.
  • Means of access for disabled: Approved Document M

SSP has been advising and installing mezzanine floors for 20+ years in a range of buildings and industries, warehouses, production facilities and office spaces are the most common. We have extensive knowledge about whether approvals are needed or not and can also advise about the best way to design a mezzanine floor that allows the business to grow further.