Are you using the space you have to the best effect? Maximising your space, even your office layout,  is key to profitability.

When it comes to increasing your profitability and growing your business, enterprise experts Business Gateway recommends every owner looks at key costs areas, one of which is space.

Business Gateway has this to say when it comes to premises:

“Have you examined whether you are getting the most out of your space? Are there more efficient ways to use your premises? Could you sublet some unused space?”

We want to concentrate on the second sentence – are there more efficient ways to use your premises?

  1. Office layout. You can use space solutions to create more space for a growing business. These include partitioning, mezzanine floors and suspended ceilings. The solutions mean you can use existing space, rather than having to find new premises and invest in all of the expense moving a business incurs.
  2. Ergonomic space design creates better efficiency. The features of an office or work place, such as the people, space, equipment, furniture and the environment, must fit together well if workers are to feel healthy and comfortable and to be able to work efficiently and productively.

Ergonomic space design looks at how the office or work place is laid out. This includes seeing where people sit in relation to the equipment, windows, doors and each other. The space design makes sure that storage space and positioning is suitable for the type of work people are doing and the environment. When there is an emphasis on workers’ safety, health and comfort, this will lead to an increase in efficiency.

  1. Increased production thanks to appropriate planning. Again, increased efficiency thanks to a focus on ergonomic design and design that makes the most of the space and environment an office is located in will increase productivity. Your workforce likes to think that its managers are interested in their wellbeing.

We will also help you with any planning permissions required, so that there’s no hold up in the process of maximising the space for your business.

  1. Space solutions are cost AND budget effective. Again, why spend time searching for new business premises when what you need could be right there on your door step? Space solutions make the most of what you have, allowing you to invest in other solutions that will increase your profits.
  2. Space solutions can be tailored to meet your business objectives. We like to work with people to find a space solution that meets their needs. While a business owner might decide that he or she simply needs a mezzanine floor to give them more space, we can take a look your space and what you want to achieve. We will then suggest a tailored option that exactly meets those objectives.

So here’s the big question … is the way you use your space impacting your profitability? Speak to us to find out more.