In the recent blog, we spoke about how the mezzanine floor was great for creating more space in growing businesses. It is. But we didn’t explore nearly as many of the uses that the mezzanine floor has and the way it can maximize your business in many ways.


Mezzanine floors provide ideal storage solutions, often in a more robust way than racking and shelving. This allows for the ergonomic warehousing of products so that access if easy, when required.


With peaks and troughs in supply and demand, warehousing requirements and capacities will often change. As such, the ability to maxmimise space as well as getting access easily is essential to plan into distribution centres. Mezzanine floors are the perfect solution to these requiremens


Nobody likes to buy from a crowded shop – maximize your space and display your items in a way that makes them more appealing. Not only do you get more space and add value to your premises, but you will also make more sales.


Whether you are looking to increase office space or you would like to add an office to a manufacturing element of your premises, the mezzanine floor is the perfect solution. It allows you to increase space without losing valuable floor space on existing levels – this is particularly useful for manufacturing premises.


If the space below the mezzanine floor is not needed, the space created is invaluable storage space – whether this is for filing and archives, stock or just general storage, well designed space helps a growing business immensely.


Mezzanine floors are very commonly used in production, especially as businesses begin to grow. To overcome the challenge of creating more space without the huge costs and disruption associated with moving premises, the mezzanine floor is an ideal solution. Better still, the mezzanine floor can also be taken to new premises is business growth means that a move of premises is necessary.


The best manufacturing facilities run with an ergonomic design that maximizes both space and productivity. Mezzanine floors allow this process and work flow to be maximised to the most efficient productivity, as this ultimately eafects the bottom line. The types of floors that are needed for manufacturing facilities need to match the load bearing for heavy machinery and many people working on that section.


In large facilities, the biggest space that is usually being wasted is above us. In order to maximize all space areas, building a mezzanine floor is an ideal solution. This is particularly useful in automated processes where the floors can handle machinery and elements of the automation process that can be ‘stored’ overhead.