The growing pains of businesses often include the dilemmas about moving premises to accommodate more staff, more products, more business. A good dilemma to have but often the cost of moving is a huge consideration. To address this, you can review your storage options in order to maximize space as well as creating a streamlined working environment for improved productivity.

Have a look at our storage solutions.

Our favourite storage solutions:

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking allows you to make the most of floor space by adding racking specifically for pallet storage. They are virtually maintenance free and can be expanded quickly as necessary. Constructed of sturdy materials, the racking is stable for all pallet sizes.


As a storage solution, the humble cupboard comes in all shapes and sizes. Options include standard and security cupboards as well as plastic or stainless steel. Plus the colour options can really bring the overall interior design together.

Portable Stores

The perfect solution to manage influxes of product, portable stores allows you to react fast to accommodate storage peaks and troughs. Portable stores are also great on-site solutions for storage requirements. This can also be very handy for chemical storage.

Office Solutions

Don’t forget we also offer a whole range of office and mailroom solutions from computer workstations to display cabinets. Have a peek and think about a New Year spruce up.

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