SSP is having a record-breaking year and it is only half way through. On track to turnover the same amount in only 1 quarter as in a 6-month period in 2014, the year is stacking up to be the best on record. This is a great sign that we are back to a booming economy and a sign of growing businesses.

Predominantly, we work with growing companies to make the most of their space by providing partitioning and mezzanine flooring, but pallet racking and shelving is also a big part of the business. Having developed long-standing relationships with many of the companies in Telford and Shropshire, SSP has many loyal, and growing, customers.

“We have been established since 1997 and in that time, we have seen massive changes in the industry” comments Nick Evans, Director at SSP. “It is interesting to note that all areas of the marketplace are growing, including local authorities, small and large businesses. As we specialize in providing space solutions for growing businesses, we are excited to see how the year pans out but so far it has been a record breaker for us.”

SSP has worked with Ricoh for many years “We know we can trust and rely on the service, product and quality delivered by SSP,” comments Mark Anderson from Ricoh. “SSP has a wide portfolio and distinctive knowledge of how best to support our business as we have transformed. SSP are not afraid of encouraging us to take the most suitable and cost effective solution for our business.”

Nick states “the future for SSP is exciting as the whole company has the skills and experience to capaitalise on the upturn. We have innovative and forward thinking solutions to help all sizes of company to future proof their business.”

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