We made it through the recession and now businesses are getting back on track. Whilst many businesses are growing and expanding, there is a distinct shortage in the availability of commercial space to grow and expand into. This is largely an aftermath of the recession where building firms, one of the sectors hit hardest, took the commercial decision to stop building industrial units, after all, the demand wasn’t there anymore either.

So great news on your growing business, but how will you manage all the excess space requirements and make do with the space you have?

There are a number of solutions for this challenge, including appropriate storage systems and well designed racking and shelving, but one of the best ways to add capacity and space is by adding a mezzanine level.

What is a mezzanine level?

Sometimes referred to as a mezzanine floor, a mezzanine level is a second floor or partial floor. In effect, you are adding additional floor space to an existing building by adding in another floor. Mezzanine floors are extensively used in warehouses, manufacturing, production, retail and office buildings.

What are the benefits of a mezzanine level?

The benefits of adding a mezzanine level to your business are significant. Not only do you increase the space you have available to grow your business, but you are saving the huge cost, downtime and even customer confusion of moving to a larger premise. Given this has an impact on the bottom line of your business, a mezzanine level is a good answer to accommodate a growing business. Additional benefits also include:

  • Cost effective additional space
  • Fits into existing workspace
  • Adds value to buildings / assets
  • Bespoke solution to suit your business requirement
  • Quick construction
  • Demountable and easily relocated

Mezzanine levels are constructed of steel – they are usually lightweight so they are both economic and environmentally friendly. The finishes available are extensive and accessories can all be used to work with the existing design. The structure itself is strong and secure so that the level can be used for many purposes, including storage, racking, office space and even manufacturing.

On the whole, mezzanine levels offer your business a convenient, versatile and modern solution to an expanding business. It is cost effective and can be designed as a bespoke solution. If your business is expanding fast, you need to consider your space options before it becomes a hindrance on your production and growth.

SSP has been providing mezzanine floors for a range of business sectors since 1997. If you would like to find out how to increase your floor space without the cost and inconvenience of relocation, call SSP to find out more.